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Patient Stories

Answers for Men with ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED), happens to millions of men for many different reasons. Men just like you, here are their stories.

A Partner's Perspective

HardFacts – Marilyn's Story ED from a Woman’s Perspective

Marilyn – ED from a Woman’s Perspective

Partners are not always aware that a loved one has ED. Hear how Marilyn supported her husband during his journey to find a cure for his ED.

Impact of ED on Man

HardFacts - Neil's Story Impact of ED on a Man

Neil – The Impact of ED

My marriage was falling apart. She was angry, I was frustrated. I didn’t know what to do.

Connecting with Your Partner

HardFacts - Marilyn and Cliff - Connecting Together After ED Treatment

Marilyn and Cliff – Learning Together

Going through it together let’s you learn about each other in a new way.

ED Treatment Journey

HardFacts - Danny's Story ED Treatment Journey

Danny – Penile Implant. Don't Wait.

If I had to do it again, I would not wait 8 years after Prostate Cancer Surgery to get my implant.

ED Treatment Journey

HardFacts - David's Story ED Treatment Journey

David – Don't Stop Trying.

Over 4 years I tried a variety of ED alternatives, all of which ended in frustration.

Penile Implant Option

HardFacts - Fabio's Story Penile Implant Option

Fabio – An Implant was "the easiest way to go".

Fabio wanted something that always worked and still felt all-natural.

Penile Implant Option

HardFacts - Marsha and Graham's Story Penile Implant Option

Marsha and Graham – Feeling Whole Again.

After years of failed ED treatments, he learned about a solution that changed their lives.

Life with a Long Term Solution

HardFacts - Danny's Story Long Term ED Solutions

Danny – Knowing that You can Perform.

It’s not just about being able to perform; it’s knowing that I can whenever I want.

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